Sunday School

Our Sunday school programs use the Answer Bible Curriculum (ABC) for all of the children’s, teen, and adult ABC class.  This allows families to have deeper conversations about the lessons each week as each class will learn the same lesson at their respective levels.  More about the Answers Bible Curriculum can be found on their website or by clicking on the image to the right.

Noah’s Nursery

The nursery is staffed for the Sunday morning service and is available for families to use during the Sunday school hour. Our nursery is a place where children are not only lovingly cared for, but also embraced by the love of Jesus. Here the foundation is being laid upon which their faith in Him can be built.

Ages: Birth – 3 Years


Preschool children, ages 3&4, are taught that they are loved by Jesus and encouraged to express their love for Him in their way. They are given opportunities to interact with each other which builds their sense of community. Their curriculum not only reaches them at their own level, but also teaches them the truths of the Bible.

Ages: 3-4 Years

Kings Kids

King’s Kids meet for Sunday school and worship time that is geared to the elementary student. These students are taught how to develop a relationship with Jesus, worship Him in their own way, how to share His love with others, and serve Him in their world.  There are two groups, older and younger, that will study the Bible at their own level.

Grades: Kindergarten through 5th grade

Common Ground

Common Ground offers our middle and high school students an opportunity to explore the Bible in a fresh way.  Students are no longer learning Bible stories, but are actively digging into the Word of God and learning how to apply that to everyday life.

Grades 6-12

Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians

What Would You Surrender for God?

Christians in the Middle East, in much of Asia, and in Africa are still being martyred for the faith, but how many American Christians are willing to lay down their smartphones, let alone their lives, for the faith?

Being a Christian in America doesn’t require much these days. Suburban megachurches are more like entertainment venues than places to worship God. The lives that American “Christians” lead aren’t much different from those of their atheist neighbors, and their knowledge of theology isn’t much better either. This rousing call to the real adventure of a living faith is a wake-up call to complacent Christians and a rallying cry for anyone dissatisfied with a lukewarm faith.

Adult Quarterly Bible Study

This class follows the Wesleyan Adult curriculum. We have young adults and young-at-heart adults in there. Most folks would say that we truly delve into Scripture, explore the historical background, and always ask, “What should we learn in the 21st century from this Bible passage?” We have lively and animated, discussions. We share laughs, learning, and the love of Jesus!