Our Program

The following specific areas are covered in each age group:

1. Christian Values – Kindness and brotherhood in a non-denominational manner.
2. Self-Control – A key element in being able to express one’s self verbally instead of physically.
3. Self Confidence – Doing a good job to the best of one’s ability and making positive things happen.
4. Listen to and follow directions – Utilizing numerous activities, including games, story time, snack time, and playtime.
5. Attention Span – Developed primarily through story time, work time, and learning how to take turns.
6. Independence – Encourage children to try new things, even if they make mistakes. Children often grow from mistakes.

Cherubs’ Nest aims to teach about God’s love through Bible stories and biblical principles. We strive to instill basic manners, the importance of sharing and taking turns, respect for others and their property, and following directions. Students will play and interact with children their own age. They will be exposed to various learning experiences through puzzles, stories, music, physical activities, art, crafts, games, science, foods, and cultural customs.

Other main objectives for our two-day preschool class include:
* building fine motor skills (example: developing grip and control of pencil and scissors)
* recognizing basic colors and shapes
* basic dot-to-dot connection and tracing skills
* identifying and tracing the letters of their own name
* recognizing numbers 1 to 10/counting objects up to 10
* an introduction to the alphabet, letter formations and sounds

Other main objectives for our three-day Pre-K class include:
* improving fine motor skills (example: pencil/scissor control)
* identifying 11 basic colors
* Identifying 12 2-D/3-D shapes
* Identifying and writing numbers 1-20
* Counting up to 20 objects/sorting them by color, shape and size
* Identifying, writing and saying the sounds of the 26 letter alphabet (uppercase and lowercase)
* learning the Lord’s Prayer, pledges, calendar (days/months) and weather
* learning several sight words

Our five-day Pre-K objectives, IN ADDITION to the above 3-day Pre-K goals, include:
* Counting to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
* Reading beginner repetitive books
* Reading, spelling and using 25 sight words
* receiving a weekly lesson in STEM and a cooking/outdoor adventure

Our kindergarten objectives:

We use Abeka Kindergarten curriculum, along with other educational resources.

The Abeka Kindergarten curriculum emphasizes:
* mastering the five vowels and their short and long sounds
* mastering the 21 consonants and their sounds
* learning to blend a consonant and vowel together
* learning to sound one- and two-vowel words, and mastering one- and two-vowel rules, etc.
* recognizing and reading common sight words
* applying phonics concepts to reading
* recognizing and creating rhyming words,
* learning the importance of capitalized letters at beginning of sentences and the use of simple punctuation marks.
* counting and writing numbers 1-100 by tens, fives, twos, etc.
* learning simple addition and subtraction
* learning right from left
* learning to read an analog clock
* recognizing months, dates, weeks, years,
* reviewing shapes
* and much, much more!

Kindergarten students will also enjoy activities like Bible stories, art, gym, history, science, playtime, cooking, and more!

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